A Brand New Way to own a Brand New Home

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What about the homes?2019-10-01T16:23:36+10:00

Your floor plan ticks every box for both investors and owner occupiers – 4 large bedrooms, 3 living areas, 2 bathrooms, a study, an extra large double lock up garage, an alfresco, security window screens, security doors, split system air-conditioning, and ceiling fans to all bedrooms, and enough land to do even more with in the future.

We’ll show you new homes that have either already been sold, or will be available to own at completion.

Why is this faster than building a house the other way?2019-08-09T18:09:17+10:00
  1. The site engineering, planning approval and preliminary works have already been done.
  2. The house may already be under construction and ready to transfer to you at settlement.
How will I save money during construction?2019-08-09T18:10:54+10:00

Normally if you are building a house you need to set aside funds (typically 10k or more) to cover interest payments during construction. These are valuable funds that could otherwise be used for your deposit.

Purchasing a home this way means there are no interest payments during construction because:

  1. the construction is already being carried out, and
  2. your loan is not settled until the house is complete.
How will I save money on mortgage insurance?2019-08-09T18:11:03+10:00

Another cost we can help with is mortgage insurance. Mortgage insurance is a cost of finance for anyone with less than 20% deposit. It doesn’t protect you, it protects the bank, and it is an upfront cost of finance.

Even though some banks will lend you more money to cover the mortgage insurance, this can typically add up to around $50 per month in extra payments for 30 years – just to pay off the mortgage insurance.

So we will pay your mortgage insurance up to $10,000.

How much deposit will I need?2019-08-11T10:53:24+10:00

This varies, but the mortgage brokers are telling us typically about 12-15k of your own savings for first home buyers, some of which can be saved up during construction.  On some properties maybe less.

How much income do I need?2019-08-09T18:11:40+10:00

We can’t tell you what you can borrow but a mortgage broker can.

Another rule of thumb is about $60k gross for a single, $80k gross per couple, plus about 10k gross per child – more if you have other repayments.

How much are my weekly payments?2019-08-09T18:11:56+10:00

Your broker will tell you exactly, but a rule of thumb says about $1 a week for every $1000 the house costs.

So if your home costs $420K, then expect a weekly mortgage payment of around $420/week*. That’s probably less than rent on a similar property.

For a more detailed analysis, try the purchase calculator.

*subject to your own circumstances and your own lenders calculations.

Will I get the first home owners grant?2019-08-11T11:23:56+10:00
What are the steps in the process?2019-09-03T12:55:46+10:00
  1. Talk to Shaun to find out about the current homes under construction (0432 095 288)
  2. Talk to a Broker
  3. Choose your home with our local sales agent
  4. Sign your contract subject to finance
  5. Complete your finance application
  6. Move in at completion
What do I do next?2019-09-03T12:54:31+10:00

Call Shaun on 0432 095 288 or contact us here.